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Lets Have Some Fun | Jason & Roxanne

There was no denying that Roxy liked a challenge, so she was excited when she finally got Jason to say yes. She went up to her room to get ready, deciding on the perfect outfit. She slipped on her sexiest lingerie under a short, black dress. After fixing her hair and make up, she decided she looked perfect and headed downstairs. She grabbed her bag and slipped on her heels, before going out to her car and driving to Jason’s house. She was excited for this, Jason was incredibly hot. She was sick of the same guys over and over again, and she was glad for some change. 

When she got to the address Jason had given her, she checked her make up one last time in the car mirror, before getting out and ringing the doorbell. This was something she was used to, so she wasn’t really nervous or anything.

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